Lighting Rental

As a forward-thinking, innovative and client-focused company, we know that for some organisations, the option to install and run their new lighting system for a competitive monthly payment is extremely attractive. In simple terms, here’s how it works...
Our client – say, a supermarket chain owner – wants to replace the entire lighting estate within a particular supermarket outlet. He opts to pay for the project on a monthly rental basis for an agreed contract period. At the end of the agreed period, the supermarket owner can either return the lights to Almani or he can buy them at a favourable rate.
Alternatively, the supermarket owner could choose to pay the monthly electricity bill to Almani Lighting for an agreed contract period of, say, three years. At the end of the three-year period, the LED lighting installation becomes the property of the supermarket owner – an acquisition that represents excellent value for our client.

We’re proud that these agreements offer our clients outstanding flexibility, cashflow and win-win benefits and we can tailor LED lighting rental plans to suit a wide variety of needs and products.

For a new way of getting the LED lighting you need, call us today on 04 514 8687 and let’s talk lighting rental!